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Welcome to Jiaxing!
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Jiaxing Overview

It is one of famous lands of the south of the Yangtze River with a long history, it is the site of a large site of a meeting of the Communist Party of China. Revitalize the south wing of the river delta of division chief of ground well, lie in three province (market ) intersection in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, it is the city closest to Shanghaiof Zhejiang, meanwhile, is one of the 14 cities planned in advance, developed in advance in the Changjiang Delta which the country developed especially of the 1990s too. " up above there is Paradise, down here there are Suzhou and Hangzhou, Jiaixng is in the central authorities ". Jiaxing, lie in 15' for 31 degrees of north latitude, east longitude is 18' for 121 degrees. Located in the south edge in the north subtropical zone, belong to the monsoon area of east Asia. Here makes a clear distinction between the four seasons, the sunshine is abundant, the rainfall is plentiful, it is temperate in climate and moist, spring and autumn is relatively short, summer of winter is relatively long, the average temperature of the whole year is about 15.7 degrees. About 230 days of frost-free period of the whole year, annual sunshine is more than 2000 hours, annual average rainfall is 1100 millimetres. Coastline is 121 -km-long, among them it build water front of port reach 67 kilometers, easily accessible, the hinterland is broad, the geographical position is superior. Jiaxing city have jurisdiction over 7 county (city , district ) now, Xiucheng area, Xiuzhou district, Jiashan county, Pinhu city, Haiyan county, Haining city, Tongxiang city. 5 counties and cities had jurisdiction over have already entered one hundred prosperous counties of national comprehensive strength for the third time in succession, all counties (municipal or district ) are named as " the well-to-do level county of province of Zhejiang " . It is a pearl that of " Gold Triangle " in Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces, Shanghai. Here is a picturesque place, culture is magnificent, ancient Wu Yue's culture influences each other, of long standing and well established, the accumulation is deep. History of Jiaxing come forth in large number in history, Yuan Dynasty big painter ZhenWu, poet ZhuYizun, great patriot for Qing Dynasty,Shenjunyu of one of " seven gentlemen ", master's kingdom Wangguowei, Maodun of Modern Chinese Literature master, expert of calligraphy and painting QianJunTao of contemporary famous metal and stone, master of Chinese caricature Fengzikai, famous cartoonist ZhangLePing, famous poet Xuzhimo, translator Zhu ShengHao, JinYong ,etc. , master of kungfu novel,, leave numerous human cultural sights.

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