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Zhejiang World Expo Hotel
Zhejiang World Expo Hotel 66 USD

Zhejiang 1921 Club (Hotel)
Zhejiang 1921 Club (Hotel) 84 USD

Sunshine Hotel, Jiaxing
Sunshine Hotel, Jiaxing 69 USD


The good accommodation is very convenient in Jiaxing, there are a lot of hotels in the city, the hotel, can meet different needs; There are hotels of private residence that locals offered in the famous ancient town of the south at the same time...

Travel guide of Jiaxing

the south lake of Jixing : The south lake gains the name because of lying in the south of Jiaxing city. Many mandarin ducks of south lake in the past, Su DongPo had written in " crossing the beautiful state " this poem: "Mandarin duck lakeside moon like water...

Jiaxing Overview

It is one of famous lands of the south of the Yangtze River with a long history, it is the site of a large site of a meeting of the Communist Party of China. Revitalize the south wing of the river delta of division chief of ground well...

Jiaxing Cuisine

The good cooking culture of Jiaxing is of long standing and well established, have strong the South characteristics, here have Hangzhou concurrently dish and Shanghai characteristic of dish; The snack of the South have some flavors either...

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Welcome to Jiaxing!
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Hotel Name Star Price
♦ Zhejiang World Expo Hotel66 USDBook
♦ Zhejiang 1921 Club (Hotel)84 USDBook
♦ Sunshine Hotel, Jiaxing69 USDBook
♦ JiaShan Hotel58 USDBook
♦ Jiashan Hanjue Business Hotel28 USDBook
♦ Aventine Town Hotel0 USDBook
♦ Sunny Hotel, Jiaxing51 USDBook
♦ Audrey Hotel Jiaxing27 USDBook
♦ Enjoyland Hotel Jiaxing23 USDBook
♦ Tongxiang New Century Hotel49 USDBook
♦ Jiaxing Jinzonglv Holiday Hotel30 USDBook
♦ Caifu Jiari Hotel Jiaxing55 USDBook
♦ Gold River, Side Hotel Wuzhen70 USDBook
♦ Jiashan Meiyuan Hotel52 USDBook
♦ Luoxingge Hotel , Jiashan78 USDBook
♦ Tongxiang Crowne Plaza Hotel27 USDBook
♦ Tongxiang Heli Business Hotel31 USDBook
♦ Jiaxing billion Business Hotel32 USDBook
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